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Na początek trochę o laboratorium Blackstone:

Generalnie chłopaki (i dziewczyny też – OK) zajmują się długodystansowymi testami olejów w realnych warunkach. Czyli konkret… nie jakieś puste gadanie czy forumowe pyskówki – dlatego akurat w ich testach i na tym polu Royal Purple wypada zawsze doskonale !

Poniżej jeden z testów normalnego, cywilnego oleju na cywilnym autku :>
/ w oryginale /

Driving demeanor: I usually let it warm up to the bottom line on the temp gauge, or warm it up for 30-40 seconds before taking off. I am rarely over 0 psi cold, 2-3 psi max if I’m over. I don’t auto-x the car and I don’t drag it. Most „action” it sees is 3rd gear on-ramp pulls and not-too-often spirited acceleration in the lower gears (not too often due to noise pollution and the ever present po-lice in my area). The car is driven 35 miles to Boston every weekday, and 35 miles back. About 0-5 miles around Boston is stop-n-go traffic on Parking Lot I-93.

Impressions: Sweet. Blackstone Labs says I should go to 7500mi the next time I use 5w30. I’m now running Royal Purple 10w40 for the summer. I plan on running it for 4500 miles. I’m going to get a UOA on the 10w40 as well.

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